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16 September 2011 @ 05:59 pm
jeremy/tyler - i felt your shape  
Medium: Television
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Subject: Jeremy Gilbert & Tyler Lockwood
Title: I Felt Your Shape
Warnings: Majority of this is based on the fics I've read of them, because I'm only on 1x08 of TVD (aside from watching the season 3 premiere, which was.. lawd.) Overall I know scenes that have happened but yeah. These aren't turning into warnings anymore.
Word Count: N/A
Notes: I sort of trailed off in the warning section, and those are pretty much all the notes I have. I was supposed to post a couple other mixes I had waiting longer, but I couldn't resist. I'm obsessed with these two. The songs don't really go 'chronologically', per say. More just what I felt was a nice flow. And I decided to give them some lovey-dovey stuff, as well as a happy ending, even though we probably won't get that in the show. Sigh. Enjoy!

(there will be no tenderness)